VL2 is an international center that includes researchers and educators from many locations and disciplines. A primary goal of VL2 is to include teams of deaf and hearing researchers from multiple disciplines to help define and carry out the research agenda.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Student | Undergraduate Student

Action & Brain Lab | Brain and Language Center for Neuroimaging | Cognitive Neuroscience Institute | Early Education Literacy Lab | Motion Light Lab | Numeracy and Educational Neuroscience Lab | PhD in Educational Neuroscience | The Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab | Translation in the Science of Learning Lab

Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto
Science Director and Co-Principal Investigator, VL2; Full Professor, PEN; Principal Investigator, BL2
Glenn Lockhart
Executive Director, VL2
Dr. Ilaria Berteletti
Assistant Professor, PEN; Science Director, NENS
Dr. Melissa Herzig
Assistant Program Director, PEN; Director, TL2
Melissa Malzkuhn
Creative Director, ML2
Dr. Rachel Pizzie
Assistant Professor, PEN; Science Director, CAN
Dr. Lorna Quandt
Assistant Professor, PEN; Science Director, ABL and ML2
Dr. Bradley White
Neuroimaging Scientist, BL2; Alumnus, PEN
Kailyn Aaron-Lozano
Graduate Student, PEN
Sarah Kimbley
Graduate Student, PEN
Carly Leannah
Graduate Student, PEN
Casey Spelman
Graduate Student, PEN
Athena Willis
Graduate student, PEN
Conrad Baer
Project Manager, ML2
Ralph Fernandez
Database Analyst and Web Programmer, VL2
John Huang
Operations Coordinator, VL2
MJ Kielbus
Production Manager, ML2
Jason Lamberton
Human Computer Interaction Engineer, ML2
Sarah Miller
Program Assistant, ABL/ML2
Crystal Padilla
Manager, BL2
Jianye Wang
3D Animator, ML2
Yiqiao Wang
Senior Artist, ML2
Kurt Gagne
Research Assistant, NENS
Grady Gallagher
Research Assistant, BL2
Rachel Inghram
Research Assistant, CAN (Clinical Psychology)
Yeh Kim
Research Assistant, BL2
Sheila Maynard
Archivist, BL2
Kristina McKinnie
Research Assistant, BL2
Tayla Newman
Intern, ABL/ML2
Melody Schwenk
Research Assistant, ABL/ML2 (Clinical Psychology)
Saivee Ahuja
Research Assistant, NENS
Dr. Thomas Allen
Retired: Co-Principal Investigator, VL2; Full Professor and Program Director, PEN; Principal Investigator, EL2
Melissa Avino
Research Assistant, NENS
Amanda Bowden
Research Assistant, TL2/NENS/Linguistics
Lexi Bullock
Research Assistant, NENS
Seanna Guettler
Research Assistant, ABL and NENS
Charles Harris
Research Assistant, BL2
Zahra Ketoun
Research Assistant, NENS
Nthabeleng MacDonald
Research Assistant, BL2
Joseph Palagano
Research Assistant, BL2
Claudia Smistek
Research Assistant, BL2
Nicola Stein
Research Assistant, NENS