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Your one-stop site for print and online assessment tools developed, validated, and/or otherwise supported by VL2 to measure ASL skill, especially those that are suitable for tracking and monitoring the development of ASL skills among young children.
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For parents and educators who need resources easily accessed at home, this free collection of weekly activities, ideas, and videos support children’s language development and learning. A major portion of the content is anchored on VL2 Storybook Apps, which is available for free for limited, specific times.
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The Family Information Package is a curated collection of accessible resources for hearing parents of deaf children. These resources are research-based and provide scientific, irrefutable information related to ASL and English bilingualism for the benefit of parents, educators, practitioners, and medical professionals.
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SignWise is a consumer board that evaluates the quality of digital and hardcopy literature developed for young deaf children. Comprised of individuals from the community, PK-12 schools, parents, and Gallaudet University professionals, SignWise reviews apps, videos, e-books, printed books, websites, and other resources created for children from birth to school age. These reviews help parents select quality products for their children. SignWise also provides support to authors and developers.
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Every child loves, and deserves, a great story. Designed based on VL2 research foundations in language acquisition and reading to provide optimal reading experience for young and emerging Deaf readers, VL2 Storybook Apps provide captivating bilingual stories, allowing children to watch and interact with each story in ASL and English, and where available, in other signed and written languages.
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The VCSL is a comprehensive checklist that helps to track young children's sign language development from birth to age 5. The VCSL assists teachers and early childhood education service providers in planning language development activities for individual children. The online version automates the administration and scoring, provides links to video exemplars to help raters understand the language element being rated, creates reports, and saves non-identifiable data in a national database for use in research and analysis.