SFA 1 Investigators

David Corina
University of California Davis

Dr. Corina's research focuses on understanding the neural bases of higher cognitive function, specifically language and memory. He is interested in specifying functional and neuroanatomical models of human behavior and elucidating the degrees of plasticity within systems related to language and memory. His research encompasses psychology, linguistics, computational modeling and neuroscience, incorporating techniques that include self-designed behavioral tests, functional imaging (fMRI and functional spectroscopy), cortical stimulation and single unit recording.

Investigating the neural plasticity of primary human language areas in the brain, Dr. Corina conducts studies that compare language processing in deaf users of American Sign Language and hearing users of spoken language. He is also investigating the perceptual and memory systems that underlie human actions, including American Sign Language. These studies make use of memory paradigms to understand the similarities and differences between processing different classes of human actions.

Dr. Corina collaborates on research in adults with focal epilepsy to shed light on the neural systems involved in performing language and memory tasks. He also designs paradigms for functional neuroimaging to investigate language function in children with learning disabilities.

For more information, visit David Cornia's website.