Adam Stone and Cyrss Padilla taking questions from two persons in the exhibition area


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A repository of more than 120 publications produced by VL2 scientists, collaborating researchers and scientists, and student researchers, based on groundbreaking VL2 research and collaborations. This collection is constantly being updated and made available for the benefit of society.
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Published as resources for educators and parents, these research briefs summarize seminal VL2 findings across topics related to visual language acquisition, bilingualism, education, and socioemotional development. These research briefs inform the education community, summarize relevant scholarship, and, in the form of practice guides, present recommendations that parents and educators can use in educating deaf children. Available in ASL, English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and as either PDFs for free download or in print for purchase.
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The newsletter of the VL2 Center, chronicling highlights from our inception in 2008 up until 2015. Each issue includes Center news, research findings, and various projects in the making. This collection is presented as archival records.