Cognitive Neuroscience Institute

The Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (CNI) seeks to make groundbreaking discoveries about the human brain developments and behavioral experiences crucial to the promotion of optimal learning across the lifespan. The CNI is comprised of cognitive neuroscience laboratories, behavioral science laboratories, and a statistical core:

  • ABL (EEG brain recording)
  • BL2 (integrated fNIRS brain imaging, thermal infrared imaging, eye-tracking)
  • CAN (fMRI brain scanning, psychophysiology -- electromyography and electrodermal activity)
  • EL2 (big data)
  • ML2 (EEG brain recording, motion capture)
  • NENS (fMRI brain scanning)

The CNI further enjoys seamless integration with VL2’s research-to-translation initiatives and its PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program.

CNI is committed to providing students and colleagues with the latest cutting-edge technology and the highest experimental and neuroethical standards. CNI scientists engage in national and international collaborations with other neuroscientists, and expand student career opportunities, training, and opportunities in the STEM disciplines through those collaborations.