Studies for SFA 3

Study 6

Learning to read with visual languages: Investigation of the impact of visual phonology (L1) training on emergent and developing literacy in L2.(Lynn McQuarrie, PI)

PI: Lynn McQuarrie, University of Alberta


  • Charlotte Enns, University of Manitoba

This study will conduct a multi-site, school-based training study designed to examine the effects of intensive small group visual sign phonological awareness training both on ASL language and on English literacy outcomes over time (children grades K-4, approximately ages 5-9 years). It will also examine the individual characteristics and contextual conditions that impact reading and signed language vocabulary growth in K-4 students, with the goal of identifying powerful predictors of reading success in young visual learners. In turn, the visual sign phonology training will lay bare, and provide evaluation of, the components of training necessary to improve English reading and literacy trajectories in young deaf children. It further addresses the need for more longitudinal training studies that will advance our knowledge of optimal learning strategies to support all young deaf children in reading success, inclusive of deaf children with and without Cochlear Implants.