Motion Light Lab wins First place award at Clin D’Oeil Festival

Two men are shown from the waist up. Left: Asian-presenting, fedora and glasses, making the double thumbs up sign. Right: white-presenting, smiling, and holding up a statuette. Background is solid black. Photo credit at bottom right: Anthony Arroseres
Jianye Wang, 3D Animator, and Jason Lamberton, Human Computer Interaction Engineer, accept an award.

At the 2022 Clin D’Oeil Festival in Reims, France, the Motion Light Lab was awarded the Best 2D/3D Animation, for the short film Dimensions. Dimensions is an 18-minute film created using motion capture, featuring renowned deaf actors and cutting-edge animation technologies. Dimensions was created by the Motion Light Lab, under the Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) Center. Dimensions is funded in part by Sorenson Communications.

What: Award for Category: Best in 2D/3D Animation

Who: Dimensions Team of Motion Light Lab; award accepted by Jason Lamberton, Human-Computer Interactive Engineer, and Jianye Wang, 3D Animator

Where: Clin d’Oeil Festival June 30-July 3rd, Reims, France

Contact: sarah.miller @

Photo credit: Anthony Arroseres

More information about Dimensions here!

Dimensions Synopsis: The main protagonist is Zoe, a Deaf woman, who is being interviewed about mysterious events pertaining to her mother’s disappearance when she was a child. Through Zoe’s stories, the interviewer unravels her ancestry and tries to find answers. This is the first episode of what is hopefully many.