Norman Williams
Gallaudet University

Norman Williams is the Senior Research Engineer in Gallaudet University. He has been with Technology Access Program and recently he joined the VL2 team. He holds an BA degree from Gallaudet University in Computer Science and AAS degree from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Electro-Mechanical Technology. He has an extensive background in text and video telecommunications used by people who are deaf.

Recently, he developed a software prototype for faster text chat by using combined line by line and real time into one. The feature is adopted in AOL's Instant Messaging software (Windows version 6.8 and up). Because of his invention, the patent is joint owned by AOL and Gallaudet. He also developed a vibration experiment software on pager for an emergency alerting study. He gives outstanding technical support for PC and Mac users to three departments. He produced several outstanding video clips for TAP.

Back in the 1990's, he wrote various applications and internet based servers, including the popular TTY software for PCs known as Futura-TTY. He lead an ASCII standard effort for interoperability between TTYs with an ASCII option. He has also worked with the Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association to make TTYs compatible with cellular phones. He also has explored video communication technologies and worked with various companies such as Internet, ISDN and phone based video calls before video relay service started.

Williams also worked as a Research Engineer in Communication Service for the Deaf’s Research and Development department. He did some software engineering and some hardware research for the video relay service.