Donna Morere
Gallaudet University

Dr. Donna Morere has been involved in the field of deafness since 1986. She has been a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Program at Gallaudet since August, 1990. Her teaching activities in the Clinical Psychology Program include courses in research methods, cognition, neuro-anatomy/-physiology, neuropsychological assessment, psychopharmacology, objective personality assessment, and occasionally health psychology and gerontology. She also supervises assessments by graduate students, particularly those involving children and adults with complex presentations.

In addition to her teaching activities, Dr. Morere maintains a private practice in Clinical Neuropsychology providing services to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing using ASL, Cued Speech or Oral communication. Since the early 1990s, the focus of this practice has been children with complex special needs, primarily those affecting language development. These include deaf children with primary language disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, and/or ADHD. She also serves deaf children with learning disabilities and other complex sets of needs, such as those with multiple sensory, physical, and/or cognitive challenges.

Dr. Morere provides consultative services to schools, families, and professionals from a range of fields on the above topics, and has offered workshops at professional meetings, outreach conferences, and schools on neuropsychological assessment of deaf individuals, the assessment and management of deaf children with additional disabilities, reading skill development in deaf children, and the use of Cued Speech with deaf and hard of hearing children.

Dr. Morere's research interests include primary language disorders in deaf children, adaptation of neuropsychological assessment instruments for use with deaf and hard of hearing individuals, cognition and memory, executive functioning and attention disorders, and reading and language development in deaf children.