Research Networks

VL2’s Years 8-9 research networks involve behavioral and neuroimaging scientists spanning the nation, and include the following 7 Research Networks (expert scientific teams):

  • Network 1 (SFA 1, Study 1): Rain Bosworth, PI (UCSD), Laura-Ann Petitto (Gallaudet), Soo-one Hwang (UCSD), and David Corina (UCDavis).
  • Network 2 (SFA 1, Study 2): Laura-Ann Petitto, PI (Gallaudet), Rain Bosworth (UCSD), a team from Gallaudet University, Adam Stone, Geo Kartheiser, Clifton Langdon, Melissa Herzig, Thomas Allen, Melissa Malzkuhn, and Kaja Jasinska (Haskins Lab/Yale U).
  • Network 3 (SFA 1, Study 3): Keith Rayner, PI (UCSD), Natalie Belanger (UCSD), Jill Morford (University of New Mexico).
  • Network 4 (SFA 2, Study 4): Erin Wilkinson, PI (University of Manitoba), Jill Morford UNM), Pilar Pinar (Gallaudet).
  • Network 5 (SFA 2, Study 5): David Quinto-Pozos, PI (University of Texas Austin), Thomas Allen (Gallaudet).
  • Network 6 (SFA 3, Study 6): Lynn McQuarrie, PI (University of Alberta), Charlotte Enns (University of Manitoba).
  • Network 7 (SFA 3, Study 7): Thomas Allen PI, (Gallaudet University), Donna Morere (Gallaudet), Matt Traxler(University of California, Davis) and Amy Letteri (Gallaudet).