Research Briefs

The VL2 center publishes research briefs as a resource for educators and parents. The goal is to inform the education community of research findings, to summarize relevant scholarship, and, in the form of practice guides, to present recommendations that educators and parents can use when addressing the multifaceted challenges of educating deaf and hard of hearing children.

Research Brief 3: Visual Attention and Deafness

This VL2 research brief, written by Elizabeth Hirshorn, Ph.D. Candidate, explains that deafness leads to changes in visual attention, especially the periphery, as evident in the brain. Changes in visual attention can have implications for reading and classroom environment. (May 2011) If you want to cite this publication: Visual Language and Visual Learning Science of Learning Center. (2011, May). Advantages of Early Visual Language (Research Brief No. 3). Washington, DC: Elizabeth Hirshorn. Español | 普通話