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Past Events

20 Apr 2023Emotional brain development and the role of parenting PEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
09 Mar 2023Building meaning builds teens’ brainsPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
17 Nov 2022The myths and truths of the creative brainPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
27 Oct 2022The neurobiology of reading in deaf and hearing adults PEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University JSAC 1011
29 Sep 2022Vulnerable but not represented: Vascular depression as an illustration of the need for diversity in clinical neuroscience researchPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
07 Apr 2022Systems neuroscience models of numerical cognition and learning disabilitiesPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
10 Mar 2022Socioeconomic inequality and children’s brain developmentPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
02 Dec 2021Genes, brains, and spatial representation: Evidence from Williams syndromePEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
22 Nov 2021Dissertation Defense for SaraBeth SullivanGeneralVirtual
04 Nov 2021Developing a theory of mind: Insights from fMRI studies of childrenPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
07 Oct 2021Project Baby X: Bringing technology to lifePEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesVirtual
14 Jun 2021CREST Fest 2021GeneralVirtual
22 Apr 2021Spaceflight and Spatial Orientation: The Role that Gravity PlaysPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University
25 Mar 2021Educating for brain health and humanityPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University
18 Feb 2021Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience in the Era of Big DataPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University
15 Dec 2020The Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience Program - Dissertation Defense - Ms. Lauren BergerGeneralGallaudet University
03 Dec 2020Little liars: How children learn to tell liesPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University
22 Oct 2020Iconicity and Human LanguagesPEN Distinguished Lecture SeriesGallaudet University
16 Sep 2020Deaf Learners: Designing Practice to Support Their Learner Variability, Culture, and FamiliesGeneralWebinar
31 Jul 2020Deaf Learners: Designing Practice to Support Their Learner Variability using a Whole Child FrameworkGeneralGallaudet University