Translation in the Science of Learning Lab

PI: Dr. Melissa Herzig

Dr. Melissa Herzig's Translation in the Science of Learning Lab, TL2, provides an important gateway between the Center's research discoveries and society's diverse learning environments, including schools, families and homes, museums, libraries, medical clinics, policymakers, and more.

Herzig's TL2 develops research briefs that summarize the research in lay language and provide information packets for parents, doctors, and other professionals. TL2 also offers training with teachers and administrators on bilingual education and language policy and oversees mechanisms for quality control and risk assessment for VL2 and publicly available products.

Parent Information Package
VL2's Parent Information Package is a portal to a wide range of resources for parents, teachers, and health professionals. Discover the Center's research briefs about studies including the advantages of early visual language and models and strategies for bilingual education. Read and watch interviews with parents, researchers, and scientists about creating language-rich environments. And get answers to frequently asked questions about the benefits of American Sign Language for language and literacy!