Sarah Kimbley and Dr. Lauren Berger honored with 2021 PEN distinguished awards

The PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program is delighted to announce Dr. Lauren Berger and Sarah Kimbley as the 2021 recipients of its annual distinguished awards.

Dr. Lauren Berger Sarah Kimbley

These scholarly achievements by Dr. Berger and Ms. Kimbley add to the tradition of outstanding science by PEN students. PEN assistant professor Dr. Ilaria Berteletti and PEN assistant program director Dr. Melissa Herzig announced the awards in the days leading up to Gallaudet University's 151st Commencement, which was held virtually.

Please read below for more information on these awards and the 2021 recipients. Congratulations to Dr. Berger and Ms. Kimbley!

PhD in Educational Neuroscience Outstanding Research Award: Dr. Lauren Berger
Presented to a student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding research and scientific scholarship, originality and creativity in his or her science, and scholarly achievements in research commensurate with the highest standards of cognitive neuroscience and educational neuroscience.

Dr. Lauren Berger collected data from a very small population and completed an innovative, state-of-the-art dual brain imaging project while the world was grappling with a pandemic. Her project investigates how Pro-Tactile language is processed in the brain of DeafBlind individuals and her findings are set to revolutionize our understanding on how language is processed in the brain. Her work has already attracted attention and she has been invited by national and international universities to present. Dr. Berger has now prepared her manuscript for submission to one of the highest scientific outlets.

PhD in Educational Neuroscience Research-Based Translation Award: Sarah Kimbley
Presented to a student who has made a significant contribution to the translation of basic scientific discoveries in cognitive neuroscience and educational neuroscience through the advancement of an original creation or contribution that has the potential to transform society, policies, and individual lives spanning the nation and world. 

Ms. Sarah Kimbley developed an original resource that aims to explain a child’s development on language, working memory, and arithmetics, and helps to transform the way we think about numeracy and bilingualism and how to best educate deaf children. This translation work has powerful science and educational significance and the potential to impact educators, service professionals, and policymakers in the United States.

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