PEN student invited to prestigious summer institute

Sarah Kimbley smiling.
Sarah Kimbley

VL2 is proud to announce that Sarah Kimbley, a fourth-year doctoral candidate in our Ph.D in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program, is among eight students who have been selected out of a competitive application process to participate in the 2022 Inclusive Assessment of Multi-Modal Mutlilinguais (IAM3) Institute. IAM3 is a prestigious, intensive two-week summer institute hosted by Stockholm University that is sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The 2022 IAM3 Institute faculty will come from universities across America, England, and Sweden, with Dr. Joseph Hill and Dr. Matt Dye, both of Rochester Institute of Technology, heading up the conference. Students will learn how to assess language proficiency and processing across modalities using behavioral, EEG and eye tracking methods and receive advanced statistical training in longitudinal data analysis. Institute faculty will act as research mentors in helping students develop a doctor’s Dissertation Improvement grant proposal.

“Thank you all for your role in giving me the tools and knowledge that led me to receive such an excellent opportunity,” said Ms. Kimbley to PEN faculty when she shared the news of her selection. Ms. Kimbley is familiar with advanced neuroimaging methods, having spent the past three years in PEN assistant professor Dr. Ilaria Berteletti’s Numeracy and Educational Neuroscience (NENS) Lab. Additionally, Ms. Kimbley has completed summer rotations with Dr. Karen Emmorey at the Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience at San Diego State University and Dr. Adam Green's Lab for Relational Cognition at Georgetown University.

In May 2021, Ms. Kimbley was the recipient of PEN’s Research-Based Translation Award for her development of an original resource that aims to explain a child’s development on language, working memory, and arithmetics, helping to transform the way we think about numeracy and bilingualism and how to best educate deaf children. 

VL2 congratulates Ms. Kimbley on her selection to IAM3, one of many achievements on her path toward a bright career in educational neuroscience!