Announcing… The CREST Ambassador program!

Flyer showing details of the CREST ambassador program (see text in the body of announcement) along with the following visual elements: NSF and Gallaudet logos, the CREST logo, a graphic that says
Crest Ambassador program flyer

Announcing… The CREST Ambassador program! This is a virtual six-week program for deaf and hard of hearing high school and college students looking to jump-start their involvement in sign language-related technologies.

The Ambassador program is a part of CREST Fest 2021, a virtual festival celebrating signed languages and emerging technologies, such as automated sign language translation, signing avatars, and signed languages in virtual reality. This unique mentoring experience will allow deaf and hard of hearing students to learn about these fields, explore new technologies, and start growing their professional network.

    If you are selected as a CREST Ambassador, you will…
  • Join a select cohort of other CREST Ambassadors

  • Get matched with a mentor: a graduate student, postdoc, or researcher who can help introduce you to the field

  • Get an “Inside track” to the CREST Fest 2021 program

  • Have small group meetings with leaders in the field

  • Get an exclusive swag bag delivered to your door

The CREST Ambassador program is free for those students who are selected. The program is part-time and online, involving around 2-4 hours/week from June 14-July 23, 2021.

Applications are due April 30, 2021. Admission decisions will be shared by mid-May.

Find more information on the CREST Ambassador program at the CREST website.