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Literacy And Deaf Students In Taiwan: Issues, Practices And Directions For Future Research: Part II

Liu, H. T., Liu, C. J., Andrews, J. F. (2014). Literacy and deaf students in Taiwan: Issues, practices and directions for future research: Part II. Deafness & Education International, 16(1), 23-36.

Abstract: In Part I, we underscore the issues surrounding young deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) learners of literacy in Taiwan who use sign to support their learning of Chinese literacy. We also described the linguistic features of Chinese writing and the visual codes used by DHH children. In Part II, we describe the reading and writing practices used with Taiwanese DHH children. Teachers reported they taught Chinese literacy bridging meaning to print using pictures, speech, sign, visual and visual/gestural codes. Theoretical and prac- tical implications of our descriptive study were given.