Action & Brain Lab

PI: Dr. Lorna Quandt

The Action & Brain Lab investigates how sign language experience impacts spatial processing, and how action-related and language-related brain systems interact with one another in the context of sign language.

The Action & Brain Lab (ABL) investigates the neural substrates of action perception related to visual language and visual learning. ABL was founded by Dr. Lorna Quandt in early 2016.

Through EEG and other psychophysiological techniques, Dr. Quandt and her team examines the function of sensorimotor, language, and attentional networks of the brain. Research areas include the role of mirroring systems, spatial perception, and how action experience and action processing affect one another.

ABL is part of the Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) Program at Gallaudet University, and is affiliated with the NSF-Gallaudet University Science of Learning Center called Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2).