PEN Program

VL2 Student Network

The VL2 Student Network is made up of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students from Gallaudet University and its partnering institutions, all who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of the biological, linguistic, cognitive, sociocultural and pedagogical conditions that influence the acquisition of language and knowledge through the visual modality in order to promote optimal practices in education.

Our vision fosters the promotion of eager and sharp young minds to explore, learn and share the linguistic, biological, neurological, socio-cultural, pedagogical and cognitive elements that exist in a visual world seen through the eyes of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing scholars. By participating in an interdisciplinary science, VL2 students gain formidable research, grant-writing, ethics, and networking skills that position them well for outstanding academic and educational careers, thereby transforming how society views deaf people, reading acquisition in deaf children, and the very foundations of language, literacy, and cognition itself.

Via membership in the VL2 Student Network, scholars gain access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Weekly The VL2 Meetings Cross-lab research training

  • Travel to yearly student retreats (This year's retreat: Nov. 14-16, 2014! Save the date!)

  • Travel to NSF Site Visits Mentoring and networking opportunities with students, junior, and senior scientists, and with experts in education and research translation

  • Grant-writing, grant reviewing, and leadership experience

  • Funds for travel and research (only students under a past or present VL2 PI, see SRC page)

  • Participate in a fully ASL/English bilingual research environment

To apply for VL2 Student membership, visit the VL2 Students Website.