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VL2 intern Gizelle Gilbert presented poster at APS in Chicago

On May 23, 2008, Gizelle Gilbert, a VL2 undergraduate intern, who recently graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA in Psychology, presented a poster at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, "Guessing Games: The Effect of Morpho-Graphemic Organization on Word Attack Skills" with mentor Diane Clark. The poster was co-authored by Clark, Gilbert, and two other VL2 undergraduate Psychology interns, Brianne Weber and Jason Begue.

Three Undergraduates Psychology Interns were awarded a Priority Research Grant from Gallaudet Research Institute. The results supported their hypotheses and were recently presented at the Association for Psychological Sciences' Annual Meeting in Chicago. See the PDF of the poster on this website under documents for more details about the findings.

Gizelle Gilbert, pictured here was able to attend the meeting and to explain the research findings to other researchers. She is currently working at VL2 for the summer and will be involved with the other two psychology interns, Brianne Weber and Jason Begue in writing up the research.