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Visual and Iconic Language Conference (VaIL)

Dr. Jill Morford will present at the 2007 VaIL: Visual and Iconic Language Conference on August 2nd & 3rd at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

VaIL is a newly initiated meeting that fosters interchanges and encourages innovation in the interdisciplinary fields of visual language. This succinct 2-day conference encompasses a broad array of topic areas relevant to visual language. The conference uses the term 'visual language' to refer to all possible visual perceptual communication techniques including, but not limited to: representational and non-representational glyphs and icons, graphic design, sign languages, gestures, acronyms, as well as visual aspects of all written language (ideographic, pictographic, syllabaries, or alphabets.) The conference is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.

This conference will provide VL2 with an opportunity to interact with researchers who approach the study of visual language from many different perspectives. Many scientists from engineering and computer science will be at this conference which provides us a change to bring them the perspective of educators and social scientists. Our goal is to connect with people who have thought about different types of scripts and how they are processed, so that we might build some mutually beneficial collaborations.