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VL2 Participates in On the Record International Media Tour
From Gallaudet University's news site, "On the Green": "Nearly a dozen foreign journalists visited Gallaudet University March 27 as part of an on-the-record media tour coordinated by Gallaudet University’s Office of Communications and Public Relations and the U.S. Department of State Foreign Press Center." Dr. Petitto, VL2's Science Director and the Director of the Brain and Language Lab gave a televised interview.
Dr. Quinto-Pozos from University of Texas, Austin set to present on Developmental Signed Language Disorders on April 5
Quinto-Pozos will share research insights on signed language disorders, on whether they mirror spoken languages disorders or if they are unique to the visual-gestural modality.
VL2/Clerc Center School Partner Meeting
At the joint VL2/Clerc Center School Partner Meeting at the Newark School for the Deaf on Sunday, March 18, VL2 researchers presented their findings and had a very good discussion with teachers on how research can and does impact practice.
Announcing VL2 Emerging Scholars Lecture Pool
Gallaudet University’s Science of Learning Center Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) has launched "Emerging Scholars," a new lecturers’ pool featuring VL2 alumni and graduate students. These individuals represent the best and brightest of our upcoming scholars, and they are eager to present important findings from VL2's research and their own research to parents, teachers, and scholars.
Meet Rain Bosworth, VL2 Affiliated Researcher
Meet Rain Bosworth, VL2 Affiliated Researcher
Take some time to "meet" Dr. Bosworth and to learn more about her research!
Dr. Bosworth of University of California in San Diego to present on the effect of sign language and deafness on the visual systems of the brain on March 21
Results from Bosworth's study suggest lateralized effects of sign language and/or deafness on the dorsal and ventral stream functions in the visual system. Relevance to previous literature will be discussed.
Dr. Snoddon to present on ASL and Early Intervention on March 1
Snoddon presents two research studies on Deaf and hearing parents and young children participating in family and ASL literacy programs in Ontario, Canada.
VL2 Presents Research to International Educational Policy-makers
VL2 presents research on visual language and learning to high-level, international audience.
GA Tech Lab Visit
During January 23-25, VL2 Community Engagement Melissa Malzkuhn and Ben Bahan of ASL & Deaf Studies Dept. visited GA Tech to discuss about using Kinect for gesture and sign language recognition projects.
Dr. Plaut of Carnegie Mellon University to present on Feb 15 on cognitive behavior of face and words recognition
With backgrounds in computer science and psychology, Dr. Plaut is interested in cognitive processing of reading, language, and semantics. For VL2 Presentation Series, Plaut will be sharing his current findings.