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Visual and Iconic Language Conference (VaIL)
Dr. Jill Morford will present at the 2007 VaIL: Visual and Iconic Language Conference on August 2nd & 3rd at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
User Interfaces for a computer-based grammar correction tool for deaf and hard-of-hearing writers
A prototype of a computer-based English writing assistant (Composition Corrector, or CC) was developed with NIH SBIR/STTR funding in 2005; this system automatically detects grammatical errors in English written by deaf and hard-of-hearing writers. A user interface (UI) for CC is being designed as a supplemental project associated with the VL2 Science of Learning Center at Gallaudet.
VL2 Scientists in Brazil
VL2 Scientists in Brazil
During the first week of December 2006, Dr. Paul Dudis, co-leader of the Language Structure and Visual Modality strand, Dr. David Corina, VL2 scientific co-director and co-leader of Language and Brain Strand and his strand co-leader, Dr. Peter Hauser, presented at the 9th Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research Conference in Florianópolis, Brazil.