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VL2 intern Gizelle Gilbert presented poster at APS in Chicago
On May 23, 2008, Gizelle Gilbert, a VL2 undergraduate intern, who recently graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA in Psychology, presented a poster at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, "Guessing Games: The Effect of Morpho-Graphemic Organization on Word Attack Skills" with mentor Diane Clark. The poster was co-authored by Clark, Gilbert, and two other VL2 undergraduate Psychology interns, Brianne Weber and Jason Begue.
VL2 Spring 2008 Newsletter
VL2 Spring 2008 Newsletter
VL2 has started a new newsletter named VISION. VISION is a source for VL2 news, projects, and research findings.
Singleton and Crume pursuing study of visual engagement strategies
For deaf children, visual engagement with teachers and peers is critical for successful language development and classroom learning. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, VL2 researcher Jenny Singleton and her graduate student Peter Crume are seeking to understand the nature of visual engagement and how it develops.
Judith Kroll, Pilar Pinar, Paola Dussias and Chip Gerfen plan a set of studies on word decoding and sentence comprehension
Skilled literacy requires fluency in word decoding and in sentence comprehension. For non-native English users, that fluency can be difficult to achieve. The goal of the planned research is to inform approaches to L2 reading that have been examined with bilinguals who use two spoken languages by examining bilingual readers whose first or dominant language is American Sign Language. In one set of studies, we investigate how syntactic complexity and cognitive resources affect sentence comprehension in reading English as the L2. In a second set of studies, we consider whether exposure to Spanish as a written foreign language (L3) enhances deaf readers’ sensitivity to the mappings between orthography and phonology in English.
Research examines activation of ASL lexicon through English words
Morford and Wilkenson have preliminary results to a study indicating that the presentation of English words can activate the ASL lexicon in deaf readers. Understanding these cross-linguistic and cross-modality relationships may provide clues to how better to teach English to deaf students.
Singleton and Crume present research in Monterey
Jenny Singleton and grad student Peter Crume presented at the recent meeting of the Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACEDHH) in Montery, California on their research into how a set of American Sign Language (ASL) linguistic practices appear to promote development of eye-gaze direction, turn-taking, and literacy knowledge among deaf children.
Application of Qualitiative Methods to Classroom Research
The science of learning center on Visual language and visual leaning VL2 held its first series of planned colloquia. The colloquium opened to public on December 11, 2007 was entitled “The application of qualitative research methods to the study of early literacy in classrooms”.
Collaboration regarding bilingualism between VL2 and the Center for Language Science at Penn State
Over the past year, we have been discussing collaborative possibilities between the Center for Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) at Gallaudet University and the Center for Language Science at Penn State. These discussions intensified after the explicit request of the April 2007 NSF Site Visit reviewers that we relate VL2 research to ongoing work in bilingualism.
Visual and Iconic Language Conference (VaIL)
Dr. Jill Morford will present at the 2007 VaIL: Visual and Iconic Language Conference on August 2nd & 3rd at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
User Interfaces for a computer-based grammar correction tool for deaf and hard-of-hearing writers
A prototype of a computer-based English writing assistant (Composition Corrector, or CC) was developed with NIH SBIR/STTR funding in 2005; this system automatically detects grammatical errors in English written by deaf and hard-of-hearing writers. A user interface (UI) for CC is being designed as a supplemental project associated with the VL2 Science of Learning Center at Gallaudet.