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Home language has an impact on cognitive development
Deaf children with deaf parents and an enriched language background show executive functioning abilities similar to hearing peers. The same is not true for deaf children of hearing parents.
VL2 sets up visit with DCAL in London
Read this narrative of Melissa Malzkuhn's trip to London, visiting the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Center in London, England.
Fall 2008 Newsletter
Fall 2008 Newsletter
View VL2 Fall 2008 newsletter here!
2nd International Forum of the Deaf in Morocco
The 2nd International Forum of the Deaf in Fez, Morocco extended an invitation to five VL2 members, Diane Clark and her interns Jason Begue, Gizelle Gilbert, and Brianne Weber, as well as Erin Wilkinson to present at and attend their conference held this October.
ASL & Bilingualism research cross paths at Penn State
A research team from VL2 visited Penn State to present findings on cross-language lexical activation in ASL-English bilinguals, and in turn Penn State presented their own study on spoken language bilingualism.
Elena Tomasuolo visits VL2 from Rome
Elena Tomasuolo, Ph.D. Visiting VL2 Scholar from CNR, Rome Italy
Allen visits research centers throughout China
VL2 PI, Thomas Allen, just returned from a two week tour of research centers in China in three cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Considerable research in China is being carried out on the processes of learning and reading development for Chinese children. Given the iconic and logographic nature of Chinese characters, collaborative research among VL2 and Chinese researchers holds promise for increasing understanding of visual linguistic processing and the nature of reading development in visually-oriented languages.
CAEBER Summer Institute
CAEBER Projects Updates

Summer Institute AEBPD Mentor Training
Since 1997, the Center for ASL/English Bilingual Education and Research (CAEBER) has been the only center in the United States devoted to supporting the ASL/English bilingual professional development (AEBPD) of K-12 teachers/mentors and universities' deaf education program instructors.
Dudis and Morford to attend international conference on spatial cognition
Paul Dudis of Gallaudet University and Jill Morford of the University of New Mexico will participate in an international workshop on spatial cognition to be held at Schloss Reinach near Freiburg, Germany on September 13 & 14.
VL2 reorganizing to focus more on initiatives rather than disciplinary strands
In order to increase interdisciplinary work and give heightened attention to the central research questions of VL2, the Scientific Management Team, at a recent meeting in San Diego, following its sucessful site visit a month earlier at Gallaudet, decided to refocus its organization around five interdisciplinary initiative teams.