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VL2 salutes its graduates
VL2 is proud to congratulate our graduating students.
Peter Hauser to give lecture at U. of New Mexico
Dr. Hauser will discuss the ASL-Sentence Reproduction Test on Monday, May 4th.
Students select new reps
Affiliated students select new representatives for VL2 student organizations for the 2009-2010 academic year.
Help needed!
Native ASL users needed for an online survey of ASL vocabulary..
VL2 brings a web-based measure of Visual Language competency on line
The new online ASL Sentence Reproduction Test provides a common measure of ASL as part of the VL2 toolkit.
Neural Basis of Single-Word Reading in Bilingual Adults
Hearing English-Spanish bilinguals show a divergence in brain activity from monolinguals when reading single words, a pattern not shown by hearing ASL-English bilinguals.
Manipulation of graphic symbols among young children
Young children are perplexed, when asked to produce sequences of three or more graphic symbols.
VL2 completes meta-analysis on role of Phonological Awareness in deaf readers
Phonological coding ability explains only 11% of the variation in reading ability of deaf readers, across a broad spectrum of studies.
Research Highlight: Dudis developing model to explicate imagery in signed languages
Better descriptive precision may better enable the study of imagery in ASL and its role in learning.
Studies of “kin” signs in 40 different signed languages reveal both similitarities and differences in how familial relationships are represented
Iconicity and arbitrariness interact in how individuals from different cultures refer to their relatives.