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REU internship culminates with student poster presentations
Taking place in August, students wrapped up their summer experience with REU through a poster session. Read more here...
Lecture on Effects of Speech Reading on Auditory Processing in the Human
On October 27th, Dr. Jaaskelaninen from University of Helsinki will present his work at Georgetown University.
VL2 hosts students orientation for the first time
With over 30 affiliate students working within the VL2 network, the orientation was a welcome sight to see everyone together in one place.
Dr. Jenny Singleton presents on VL2 at IDHHC
At the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, Dr. Singleton was invited to present on VL2 and its connections to the state of Illinois.
Spring 2009 Newsletter - New!
Spring 2009 Newsletter - New!
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VL2 exhibits at CAID conference
During June 24-26, VL2 had an exhibition at the Council of American Instructors of the Deaf (CAID).
VL2 Seeking Science Director
VL2 is seeking to fill an opening in the position of VL2 Science Director, a senior leadership position within the center.
VL2 Summer Undergraduate Intern Program
Four Undergraduate students have begun an intensive 10-week paid research internship under the mentorship of Pilar Pinar and Peter Hauser. VL2 is supporting this program through a supplemental NSF grant.
Presentation Series: Dr. Johnston
In this presentation, Dr. Johnston discussed the importance of signed language corpora in linguistics research from his work in Australia. (June 9, 2009)
Upcoming Site Visit!
VL2 is hosting the NSF Site Visit on May 18-19.