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Dr. Thangi Appanah, Dept. of Ed., Gallaudet University to present on Oct 27 about writing performance of deaf students
Appanah's presentation "How Self-Editing Improves the Writing Performance of Signing Adolescent Deaf Students" is based on her current research.
TODAY!!! Interactive storyteller and designer, Tali Krakowsky of Apologue Studios, is coming to Gallaudet on Nov 9th for Presentation Series
"The Spaces in Between" will focus on the emerging field of interactive architecture, what it is and what it could be.
VL2 Contributions to the Study of the Bilingual Brain
Science magazine has identified the biological basis of second language learning as one of the top 125 questions to be answered in the next 25 years of research. VL2 contributes to the knowledge of and science on bilingual bimodalism in the NSF-supported PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education) grant at PSU.
Human Rights and Signed Languages
Human Rights and Signed Language: an Update on VL2's Support of the Italian Deaf Community's Efforts to Formally Recognize Lingua de Segni Italiana (LIS)
Job Opportunities: Multi-modal Storytelling Project on iPad
Job Opportunities: Multi-modal Storytelling Project on iPad
We are looking for the following for development of a multi-modal storytelling project on iPad, intended for young children.
Meet the Researcher: Selina Agyen
Meet Ms. Selina Agyen, our Database Assistant and new School Psychology M.A. candidate!
Access to Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto's Oct. 12 Presentation
On Oct. 12, VL2's new Science Director, Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto discussed her research and findings in the talk, "Three Revolutions." When the video is available, it will be posted here. Meanwhile, the power point presentation is available and is posted inside.
Research Brief No. 4 Now Available
Research Brief No. 4 Now Available
This research brief, written by VL2's Early Education Longitudinal Study (EELS) co-PI and Gallaudet University Professor Donna Morere, provides an overview of the research related to deaf children and reading.
Why Deaf People See Differently: VL2 on the Radio
In June, Rebecca Sheir, a reporter from WAMU, American University’s radio program, interviewed Tom Allen, co-PI of VL2, and Melissa Malzkuhn, VL2’s Community Engagement Coordinator about the research on deafness and the implications for visual attention.
VL2 Represents Science of Learning in Australia
VL2, along with representatives from the National Science Foundation and the five other Science of Learning Centers in the United States, was invited to present this summer at the University of Queensland’s first SLC meeting. This meeting was held from July 20-21, 2011 at the Queensland Brain Institute at the university’s St. Lucia campus.