VL2 launches two awards in PhD in educational neuroscience program

May 10, 2017

Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) is excited to announce the initiation of two awards in our PhD in Educational Neuroscience program at Gallaudet University:

  • PhD in Educational Neuroscience Outstanding Research Award 
  • PhD in Educational Neuroscience Outstanding Research-Based Translation Award

VL2 will identify one outstanding student in each of these categories annually, and confer the award at Gallaudet’s Hooding Ceremony convened one day before Graduation (Commencement) Day.

Each award will honor a student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding research and scholarship, originality and creativity in his or her science, and scholarly achievements commensurate with the discipline of Cognitive Neuroscience/Educational Neuroscience.

The award is to involve work that goes beyond course assignments, though a student’s contributions in these areas may have been inspired by such work.

Depending on the year, there may be only one of the two awards given, or there may be two awards given in the same category.

The award will be conferred with a cash prize of $250.