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Motion Light Lab (ML2)

Motion Light Lab is a space where creative literature meets digital technology to create new knowledge. Our projects aim to explore bilingual interfaces through visual narratives for a learning experience.

We are an interdisciplinary lab bringing people from different departments that include Art, Deaf Studies, Deaf Space and Urban Planning, Communications, Psychology, and the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning. Motion Light Lab (ML2) is one of three labs housed under the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning.

Motion Light Lab started in 2009 by a collective group of people who wanted to explore creativity, art, design, aesthetics, and our understanding of the world as mapped by the academia. Inspired by knowledge, research findings, and scientific evidence coupled with an innate desire to explain and realize ideas, we started a few projects. Which ended with more questions that we sought to explore.

Our team consists of people that are insanely curious about the world and have no answer. And that lies within the core philosophy of the lab: what we don't know, we will know by doing. While we're making our coffee, and talking about coffee, we have a few tricks to show.

We welcome interns, volunteers, and soccer moms (please leave kids at home). Come and stop by for a chat. (Operations headquarters located at the hallowed halls of VL2. SLCC 1231-1221.)

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