PEN Program

Internship opportunities

VL2 and its resource hubs offer many assistantship, internship, and work opportunities!

Petitto Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging (BL2)

BL2 LogoBL2 offers paid and unpaid assistant positions for undergraduate and graduate students (8-10 hours/week).

Assistants gain hands-on experience with brain imaging, eye-tracking, infrared thermal imaging, and advanced experimental technologies. They participate in research on how children and adults learn, including how they acquire and process signed and spoken languages and learn to read! Students have rich opportunities to recruit participants, run experiments, and even develop their own projects!

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with experts and fellow students in educational neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, interpreting, education, and hearing, language, and speech sciences.

E-mail us for more information. To apply, send your resume/CV, letter of interest, and unofficial transcript to


Early Education Literacy Lab (EL2)

EL2 logoEL2 has a rich archive of longitudinal data that students and researchers can analyze for theses, dissertations, and papers on deaf education, early education, and language acquisition. 

To discuss research opportunities, contact EL2 Director Dr. Thomas Allen at


Motion Light Lab (ML2)

ML2 logoML2 specializes in the development of educational resources built on research foundations in bilingualism and the learning process, through studies conducted in BL2 and VL2-affiliated labs and centers. 

We welcome students who are interested in art, design, communications, visual narratives, animation and computer science. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in app development and motion capture projects.

E-mail ML2 Creative Director Melissa Malzkuhn at


Translation in the Science of Learning Lab (TL2)

TL2 logoIn TL2, student interns and assistants learn more about the learning theories and research principles behind the design of storybook apps, develop lesson plans, and create worksheets to complement our storybook apps in the home and classrooms. 

Students also help with synthesizing basic research findings with translation work (What does the research say? What does it mean for children/families/educators? How can parents and teachers support deaf children’s language and reading skills?). Students may help with reviewing books, dvds, ebooks, and websites for quality, applying our SignWise criteria. 

 E-mail Director Dr. Melissa Herzig at


Other opportunities

Our newest laboratory, the Action & Brain Lab, is recruiting for two paid positions!

Director Dr. Lorna Quandt needs research assistants, undergraduate and graduate. Student researchers will have the opportunity to participate in all stages of cognitive neuroscience research using EEG, including stimulus design, participant recruitment, data collection, and data analysis.

E-mail for more information.