SFA 1 Investigators

Clifton Langdon
Gallaudet University

Dr. Clifton Langdon is an assistant professor in the Ph.D. Program in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) at Gallaudet University.

Dr. Langdon collaborates with Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto in her Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging (BL2) to advance the fields of linguistics and cognitive neuroscience. His theoretical interests are: (1) the linguistic structure of classifier constructions as a testing ground for the neurobiological (dis)similarities of spoken and signed languages; (2) the effects of delayed language acquisition in relation to different neural representations of language processing (i.e. the neuroplasticity of language.); and (3) the neuroplasticity of the auditory cortex as it relates to atypical acquisition of spoken and signed languages.

His current research sets the stage for the next series of questions about age of language exposure and its impacts on how the human mind processes linguistic structures.